CWP Law Changes

Open Carry With Training Act

On 17 May 2021 the South Carolina Governor has signed H3094 named “OPEN CARRY WITH TRAINING ACT”. Though this change removes the restriction of the use of open carrying a holstered firearm, the legislation body has a caveat. You may only carry an openly holstered firearm provided you have either a South Carolina CWP or a resident CWP with a state that has reciprocity.

If you have taken the class before 15 August 2021 but have not yet submitted:

If you have an instructor/student checklist dated “09-28-17” at the bottom of the form, you must submit your documentation on or before 14 August 2021.

If you have instructor/student checklist dated “5/25/2021” at the bottom of the form, you can either submit or before 14 August 2021and pay the $50 application fee (if required), or you will be required by SLED to take an updated class and complete the course of fire again to meet the updated training requirements .

If you have taken the class on or after 15 August 2021:

You must have an instructor/student checklist dated “5/25/2021” and will not be required to pay an application fee.


Changes to SC Laws as they pertain to individuals carrying:

  • Provided you have a valid SC CWP or a resident CWP with a reciprocal state, you may either open carry or conceal carry.
  • Legally posted signs stating you may not conceal carry, also applies to open carry.
  • CWP training will also include the requirement of Securing your firearm in your holster, carrying a firearm “cocked and locked”(their words, not ours), responding to someone who attempts to take your holstered firearm, and deescalation techniques (which Ricochet Range already teaches).
  • During a rally, protest, fair, parade, festival, or organized event, the person or entity hosting the event must post signs allowing or prohibiting open carry. A law enforcement agency may not confiscate a firearm or ammunition during these events unless a lawful arrest is warranted.
  • The Attorney General and assistant attorneys no longer require a CWP to carry concealed
  • No longer a fee for processing the application from SLED (currently $50)

Please note, as the CWP holder, it is your responsibility to be current with the laws. Although we have provided you the above overview, please click the button below to read the full text.

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