Fall League

Ladies and Gentle-humans, it’s that time again to start thinking about signing up for Ricochet Range’s Top Shots Shooting League. This Year’s Fall League will be a little different than last year. This Fall we will not only have our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes at the end, but we will also have weekly top shot prizes as well!

For the Fall Time League there will be up to 10 members. The final Top Shot League prize will be a combined score from all weeks effort.

The Fall League will last for 7 weeks. The league will meet every week to complete 7 challenging courses of fire. Each course of fire will test your abilities! Ranging from shooting with one hand, firing at moving targets, reloading drills, and more.

We will not have small and large caliber divisions for this league. You will be allowed to switch your firearm up or down one caliber from week to week if you choose to do so.

Entry Fees and Times
  • Registration
    • Start of Registration/Sign up:
      • Srping Shooting League Top Three: 1 Sep 2021
      • Steel/Founders/Active RSOs: 8 Sep 2021
      • All Others: 15 Sep 2021
    • Registration fee is $25 and will secure your slot until your league fee is due. This fee is non-refundable. Should your league fee not be paid in full by 7:30pm on 27 Oct 21, you will loose your slot and it will be given to another Team on standby (if any). Team Registration fees will be refunded if the minimum number of league members are not met.
  • League fee: $100 per person ($125 with registration fee)
    • Membership Discounts:
      • Steel/Founders/RSOs $50 discount
  • All league fees are NON REFUNDABLE after the League Starting Date.
  • Ten league members (five minimum).
  • Each league member must be 18 years of age
  • The league season will last seven weeks and each week’s course of fire gets progressively harder. The league will be extended to allow for anticipated engagements during the holiday season. Date adjustments will be made available before the season starts. 
  • The first shooting night will be held on 27 Oct 2021 @ 7:30pm
  • League meetings will be held on Wednesday nights and meet at 7:30pm shooting starts at 7:45 pm
  • Each league night, one person will occupy one lane at a time. If a member can not show, the absent member will receive the same score of the lowest member for that week minus one (1) point. Exception if it is coordinated with the league leader at least 24 hours prior to that meeting night.
  • One alibi shoot per week for firearm malfunctions allowed per league member. League members must maintain their own firearms and may swap firearms if their firearm fully fails or has more than three (3) malfunctions in one course of fire. If this is required, the member will only get one alibi. One alibi is considered one full string of fire.
  • Each week the division will complete one course of fire which consists of individual strings of fire.
  • Scores will be posted every week on the website.
Required Items

Well maintained handgun, no single action revolvers, and no optics. Iron sights only. (two points of alignment on the firearm)
350 rounds, 50 per week (no steel ammo)
Two (2) magazines (by shooting week 5)
Closed toed shoes
Signed waiver on file specific to the shooting league.


First Place Prizes

  • 8-10 members:
  • 5-7 Teams:
    • Heritage Rough Rider 22LR Revolver and 100 Rounds of 22LR Ammo

Second Place Prize:

  • 8-10 members:
    • Lead Single Memberships for One Year.
  • 5-7 members:
    • Lead Single Memberships for 6 Months

Note: These memberships are not transferrable

Third Place Prize : Free class. This may also be applied to a service related task such as firearm cleaning, an hour of gunsmithing, etc…

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