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For those who do not already know, Ricochet Range is a Dealer for

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Is it legal to own a Silencer/Suppressor in South Carolina? Yes. Provided you have Completed the paperwork with the AFT and received the “Stamp of Approval”, they are legal to Own, Possess, and Use.
  2. Is it a long and complicated process to get the “Stamp of Approval”? Yes and No. Completing the paperwork and certifying the documents can be a long and overly complicated if you have never completed it before and/or you use another company outside With the new electronic submittal process the AFT has gone to, completing the documents with has become streamlined.
What Are The Steps For Purchasing A Suppressor/Silencer?

  1. Find the your suppressor and if needed create a profile at
  2. Use the QR code emailed to you during sign up at SilencerShop to sign in to the Kiosk at our store. Input fingerprints, answer some basic questions and download the app.
  3. Sign into the app, take passport photo against a blank white wall (our classroom door is perfect for this)
  4. Purchase a Single Shot or Unlimited Trust, Tax Stamp and Item from Silencer Shop. Note: Be sure to record/print the order number created internally in SilencerShop Web Portal.
  5. Create ATF EFORM account at Note: Do Not lose your Sign In Information or PIN!
  6. Wait for “Docusign” email from Silencer Shop. Be sure to also check your junk/spam folder just incase you do not see it show up in your normal inbox. Note: This may take an hour or so to show up in your email. Follow the email instructions, if any.
  7. When Docusign is completed Ricochet Range will complete the “Preparation Stage” though our Dealer Web Portal. No interaction is needed from you for this step.
  8. Once the “Preparation Stage” is complete, Ricochet Range will coordinate a date/time to “Certify”. Be sure to add our phone number to your contacts list in your phone so it will not show up as a “Spam Risk”.
  9. Once the E-Form is submitted, you will show as “In Process” on our Dealer Portal.
  10. At this point it is a waiting game. Ricochet Range and does not guarantee AFT approval times. Once the Tax Stamp arrives at our location, we will call you to come in and pick up the item. Ensure your state issued identification card has the current living address, is not expired, and free of cosmetic defects.
  11. When picking up the item, you must complete a Form 4473 (no NICS check required). If the item was not purchased through you will also pay a $100.00 transfer/handling fee.
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