Hunting Licenses

Ricochet Range is proud to now offer SCDNR Fishing and Hunting Licenses.

Step One: If born after June 30, 1979, go to and complete your hunter’s education course. SCDNR accepts hunter education certifications issued by other states in the United States and Canadian provinces. If you have a certification from another state, your certification meets the hunter education requirement in SC. If you have a question about your certification, please contact the Hunter Education Office at 1-800-277-4301. Ensure you print out your Hunters Ed Course completion Cert. In 2-3 weeks your hard card will arrive in the mail.

Step Two: Visit SCDNR’s Web Site and familiarize yourself with all the state laws, licenses you will require, and tags needed (if any).

Step Three: Visit Ricochet Range at 1410 US HWY 15 S., Sumter, Sc. 20150. Ensure you bring your Hunter’s Ed certification and proof of SC residency (SC state issued ID or Military ID with hard copy SC Military orders in hand). These requirements can be found on SC DNR’s Web Site.

Step Four: While at Ricochet Range, purchase all last minute items and ensure your rifle is zeroed (if required).

As the licensee, you are required to maintain current knowledge of all local, state, and federal laws as they pertain to the activity you are participating in. Ricochet Range, LLC is a private business and only serves as an authorized location to purchase SCDNR Hunting and Fishing Licenses. The views and opinions expressed by SCDNR or State Officials, do not reflect the views and opinions set forth by Ricochet Range, LLC and visa versa.

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