Legal Protection

Do you need basic protection for yourself within your state?

$9.95 Monthly
$109.00 Yearly

$19.95 Setup Fee

• Uncapped attorney fees for 
Defense of criminal cases
Defense of civil suits
• Applicable for all legal weapons 
• Extreme risk protection order (Red Flag Laws)
• 24/7 Emergency attorney answered hotline
• Local, criminal defense attorneys

Are you looking for Bail Bond Protection and Nationwide Benefits

$19.95 Monthly
$219.00 Yearly

$19.95 Setup Fee

All Individual Basic Benefits Plus:

• Benefits in all 50 States
• Bail bond protection up to $250,000
• Expert witness / investigator fees
• Incident scene clean-up
• Counseling support
• Lost wages reimbursement
• Firearms confiscation payment
• Access to “MY FLP” mobile app

I want protection for myself, my spouse and children in case they need to protect themselves.

$39.95 Monthly
$399.00 Yearly

$39.95 Setup Fee

All Individual Premium Benefits Plus:

• Benefits for spouse
• Benefits for all minors* 

*Minor children are considered under the age of 17 and residing in member’s home.
Certain limitations may apply. 

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