Say hello to phase two of Ricochet Range. Yep, that’s right….A SHOOTING LEAGUE.  Prove you’re the best shot in Sumter by going head to head against 9 other teams. Top Team, comes away with the Grand Prize.

Entry Fees
  • Registration 
    • Registration times:
      • Steel/Founders: 10 Oct 2020
      • All Others: 15 Oct 2020
      • RSOs: 20 Oct 2020
    • Registration fee is $25 per team and will secure your slot until your team fee is due. This fee is non-refundable. Should your team fee not be paid in full by 9pm on 25 Oct 2020, you will loose your slot and will be given to another team on standby (if any).
  • Team fee: $200 per team
    • Membership Discounts:
      • Steel/Founders/RSOs $50 discount per membership
      • Annual Copper $25 discount per membership
  • Note: “Annual Copper” is not the “no contract” month to month membership. See staff for further details.
Rules and General Information
  • All Team fee’s are NON REFUNDABLE after the League Starting Date.
  • Ten teams (five minimum) with logos and names. Each must not be offensive in any way and be approved by Ricochet Range owners. Each team must provide an image for Ricochet Range’s website and social media posts. If a team would like a logo designed for them they can request one be created for them additional fee may apply.
  • A league leader will be chosen from the teams to handle all league issues. The league leader will communicate directly with the league manger.
  • Each team will consist of 2 members of any age 21 and older.
  • The league season will last ten weeks and each week’s course of fire gets progressively harder. The league will be extended to allow for anticipated engagements during the holiday season. Date adjustments will be made available before the season starts.
  • First league meeting will be October 28 @ 9pm as a meet and greet and to clarify any questions. The first shooting night will be held on November 4th
  • League meetings will be held on Wednesday nights meet at 7:30pm shooting starts at 8:00pm
  • Each league night, one team will occupy one lane at a time. If a member can not show, the absent member will receive the same score of the lowest member for that week minus one (1) point. Exception if it is coordinated with the league leader at least 24 hours prior to that meeting night. One member on another team will need overwatch the absent member during the same course of fire before the next week’s course of fire starts. 
  • One alibi shoot per week for firearm malfunctions allowed per team. Team members must maintain their own firearms and may swap to their partner’s firearm if their firearm fully fails or has more than three (3) malfunctions in one course of fire. If this is required, the member will only get one alibi. One alibi is considered one string of fire.
  • During the course of fire each team partner will overwatch another team to ensure course compliance.
  • Each week the league will complete one course of fire which consists of individual strings of fire
  • Scores will be posted every week on social media and the website.
Required Items

Well maintained handgun, no single action revolvers, and no optics. Iron sights only.
Five Hundred (500) rounds, fifty (50) per week (no steel ammo)
Sturdy Holster and belt
Two (2) magazines
Closed toed shoes
Signed waiver on file specific to the shooting league.


Wining team receives the Grand Prize. Teams must pay sales taxes based on MSRP of prize items within two weeks of winning. If a team member is denied on the background check, then the member will receive in-store credit based on the value of the item at the time it was acquired by Ricochet Range, LLC.

One Team will win the First Place Grand Prize. Prizes will be based on the number of teams that participate.

Grand Prize: One (1) SCCY, one (1) Hellcat, and four (4) 4 boxes of 9mm ammo.

Second Place team receives two(2) free classes and two(2) Ricochet branded T-shirts.

Third place team receives four(4) free day passes.

Meet The Teams

Leader Board

wdt_ID Place Team Name Current Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

Team with a “*” denotes they have a member that needs to shoot for the past week.

Missed Again

Dennis B. – No Current Bio

Xavier C. – No Current Bio

Shock and Awe

Travis B. – No Current Bio

Andrew K. – No Current Bio

Team Bullet

Erik C. loves long walks off short piers and does not spit in the wind.

Shady Katie – No Current Bio

The Plinkertons

Bob A. – No Current Bio

Neo A. – No Current Bio

Rodger’s Rascalz

Tanja G. – No Current Bio

David R. – No Current Bio

Misguided Unicorns

Michael C. – No Current Bio

Wendy V. – No Current Bio

Glocked and Loaded

Brent W. – No Current Bio

Elizabeth W. – No Current Bio

Elite Heat

Glenn B. – No Current Bio

Theresa B. – No Current Bio

Mouse KA Tools

Barbara C. – AKA Little Bit.

Phil C. – AKA Pops.

The Smoking Barrels

David B. Sr. – No Current Bio

David B. Jr. – No Current Bio

wdt_ID Week Number Name Firing Date Distance Target Notes

Phase of Fire for Upcoming Week

wdt_ID String of Fire String Name (Optional) COF_WDT_id Number of Shots Time Limit Position Notes

5 cycles each phase of fire. Each phase is 2 body, 1 head, 1 in each hip. 10 point for head, 2points for body / hip, 1 point none crit circles.  Low light in phase 6-10