Ladies and Gentle-humans, it’s that time again to start thinking about signing up for Ricochet Range’s Top Shots Shooting League. The Spring League will be a little different then the Fall League. This time we will have two divisions, consisting of up to ten people. The first division allows for calibers up to 380 ACP and the second will consist of calibers 9mm, 38spl, and larger.

For the Spring Time League there will not be any teams. This will be SOLO shooting pinning your skills directly against others who believe their skills are equally matched (insert Jedi reference here).

The Spring League will last for 14 weeks. Each division will meet every other week allowing each division to complete 7 challenging courses of fire. Each course of fire will test your abilities! Ranging from shooting with one hand to firing at a moving target while reloading, each division will also complete different courses of fire matching their skills to either small or larger calibers.

Small Caliber Division will focus on pin-point shooting at longer distances from distances no closer than 21 feet. This division will also include discretionary command, memory recall, low-light, timed, etc…

Large Caliber Division will center on threat determination (shoot, no shoot), holster drawing, weak hand, stress shooting, etc…

Entry Fees and Times
  • Registration
    • Start of Registration/Sign up:
      • Fall Shooting League Top Three: 10 Feb 2021
      • Steel/Founders/Active RSOs: 17 Feb 2021
      • All Others: 24 Feb 2021
    • Registration fee is $25 and will secure your slot until your league fee is due. This fee is non-refundable. Should your league fee not be paid in full by 7:30pm on 3 March 2021, you will loose your slot and it will be given to another member on standby (if any). Registration fees will be refunded if the minimum number of league members are not met for that division.
  • League fee: $100 per person
    • Membership Discounts:
      • Steel/Founders/RSOs $25 discount
      • Annual Copper $10 discount
  • All league fees are NON REFUNDABLE after the League Starting Date.
  • Ten league members (five minimum) with logos and names. Each must not be offensive in any way and be approved by Ricochet Range owners. Each league member may provide an image for Ricochet Range’s website and social media posts. If a league member would like a logo designed for them they can request one be created for them. (an additional fee may apply) 
  • A division league leader will be chosen from the league members to handle all division league issues. The division league leader will communicate directly with the league manger.
  • Each league member must be age 21 and older. 
  • The league season will last fourteen weeks and each week’s course of fire gets progressively harder. The league will be extended to allow for anticipated engagements during the holiday season. Date adjustments will be made available before the season starts. 
  • First league meeting will be 17 March 2021 @ 8:00pm as a meet and greet and to clarify any questions. The first small caliber division shooting night will be held on 24 March 2021 @ 8pm and the large caliber division shooting night will be on 31 March 2021@ 8pm
  • League meetings will be held on Wednesday nights and meet at 8pm shooting starts at 8:15pm
  • Each league night, one league member will occupy one lane at a time. If a member can not show, the absent member will receive the same score of the lowest member for that week minus one (1) point. Exception if it is coordinated with the league division leader at least 24 hours prior to that meeting night. All make ups for “Coordinated” no shows will be conducted the following night at 7PM, no exceptions)
  • One alibi shoot per week for firearm malfunctions allowed per league member. League members must maintain their own firearms and may swap firearms if their firearm fully fails or has more than three (3) malfunctions in one course of fire. If this is required, the member will only get one alibi. One alibi is considered one full string of fire.
  • Each week the division will complete one course of fire which consists of individual strings of fire
  • Scores will be posted every week on the website.
Required Items

Well maintained handgun, no single action revolvers, and no optics. Iron sights only.
Two hundred and eighty (280) rounds, forty (40) per week (no steel ammo)
Sturdy Holster and belt (by shooting week 6)
Two (2) magazines (by shooting week 5)
Closed toed shoes
Signed waiver on file specific to the shooting league.


First Place Prizes: Prize will be determined based on

  • Small Caliber Division:
    • 1-6 Participants – Heritage Rough Rider 22LR Revolver and 300 Rounds of 22LR Ammo
    • 7-10 Participants – Buckmark 22LR and 500 Rounds of 22LR Ammo
  • Large Caliber Division:
    • 1-7 Participants – SCCY CPX with CT Red Dot Sight and 50 Rounds of 9mm Rounds
    • 8-10 Participants – SDS 1911 45 ACP and 40 Rounds of 45ACP Hollow Point

Second Place Prize (Both Divisions): Annual Lead Membership. If you currently have a monthly membership, your current membership can be cancelled at no charge to start your prize membership. If you have a fully paid membership, your prize membership will start upon expiration of your current membership. You may also gift your prize membership to another person (who does not already have a current membership).

Third Place Prize (Both Divisions): One free class. This may also be applied to one service related task such as firearm cleaning, an hour of gunsmithing, etc…

Meet The League

Little Gun Division

wdt_ID Place Logo Member Current W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7
1 5 Carmen 956.0 311 73 78 494
2 2 Travis 1,067.0 330 148 90 499
3 9 Pops 315.0 223 30 62
4 3 Bob 991.0 348 144 66 433
5 1 Dennis 1,186.0 379 220 88 499
6 10 Theresa 0.0
7 4 Quick 971.0 372 101 498
8 8 Little Bit 337.0 215 58 64
9 6 Wendy 798.0 271 51 8 468
10 7 Glenn 469.0 372 97

wdt_ID Week Number Name Firing Date Distance Target Notes None Displayed Notes
1 1 Benchmark 03/24/2021 7-25M Top Shots
2 2 PETA Does Not Like US 04/07/2021 10M Turkey Target When shooting at feathers, do not hit the turkey. If total number of point is less then zero for a phase of fire, the score for that phase is zero.
3 3 Wild Card 04/21/2021 ??M ???? No practice needed for this one Shooting running man, and shoot no shoot, shooting at smith and Wesson target.
4 4 Green Man 05/05/2021 10M Green T01 Dont worry about that the little guy

Lower Light
little man is worth 10X the score value of what is on him
5 5 You Spin Me Right Round Baby 05/19/2021 10M Target 08 2nd Mag Required
6 6 Multi Targets 06/02/2021 7M Target 27 Little Guys
7 7 Top Shots 06/16/2021 7-25M Top Shots

Phase of Fire for Upcoming Week (Little Gun Division )

wdt_ID Week# String of Fire Time Limit Number of Shots Position Notes Display
60 1 1 60 Sec 5 Standing,Two Hands No
61 1 2 60 Sec 10 Standing,Two Hands No
62 1 3 120 Sec 10 Standing,Strong Hand No
63 1 4 180 Sec 10 Standing,Weak Hand No
64 1 5 60 Sec 5 Standing,Two Hands No
65 2 1 None 7 Standing,Two Hands One shot per feather, No missed points for hitting turkey. No
66 2 2 50 Sec 7 Standing,Two Hands One shot per feather, No missed points for hitting turkey. No
67 2 3 50 Sec 7 Standing,Two Hands One shot per feather, -2 points for hitting turkey. No
68 2 4 80 Sec 7 Standing,Two Hands One shot per feather, -5 points for hitting turkey. No
69 2 5 2 2 Standing,Two Hands 25 points for hitting Turkey each shot No feather shots No
Week# String of Fire Number of Shots Display

This week we will be shooting the T08 Green Target