Top Shots

Ricochet Range Top Shots is meant to be a friendly competition for members to have bragging rights for the duration they are in the top of each course of fire for the month. At the end of each month, the leaders get something special from us.  See past leaders at the link below.







NoviceGene R.147522 Oct 2020XDM9 MM
NoviceMartin K.139210 Oct 2020G199 MM


A O/RSOBrent1484.9(5)03 Oct 2020G4422 LR
N O/RSOLittle Beard150701 Oct 2020MPc22 LR

Shooting Top Shots is a great way to hone your skills as a shooter while also enjoying a friendly competition against fellow range members.

Brent Webb

Top Shots is a friendly competition that forces you to constantly improve your technique in order to strive to be the Top Shot for the month.

Over the past few months I have achieved Novice and Advanced level Top Shots.   It will take lots more practicing and patience to make Expert.  That is my goal!

Debbie Kitterman

I don’t shoot very well but when I do, it’s when I am not aiming.

Storm Trooper 578

Past Top Shots

AdvancedDebbie K.1414Sep 2020SW 653357 Mag
NoviceGene R.1496Sep 2020XDM9 MM
E O/RSOLittle Beard973Sep 2020G4422 LR
A O/RSOShady Katie1442Sep 2020G4422 LR
N O/RSOShady Katie1496Sep 2020G4422 LR
ExpertDebbie K.974Aug 2020SW Victory22 LR
AdvancedDebbie K.1453Aug 2020SW 653357 Mag
NoviceDebbie K.1486Aug 2020XDE9 MM
A O/RSOLittle Beard1453Aug 2020M&Pc22 LR
N O/RSOLittle Beard1505Aug 2020M&Pc22 LR
AdvancedBrent W.1404July 2020G4422 LR
NoviceBrent W.1484July 2020G4422 LR
A O/RSOLittle Beard1384July 2020911380 ACP
N O/RSOLittle Beard1482July 2020911380 ACP
AdvancedDebbie K.1436Jun 2020XDE9 MM
NoviceDebbie K.1463June 2020XDE9 MM
AdvancedBill E.1443May 2020Mod4122 LR
NoviceBill E.1465May 2020Mod4122 LR

Rules and Information

General Rules

Each member wishing to try and make it on Ricochet Range’s Top Shots leader board, they must fire at a Top Shots target purchased from the on-duty RSO before beginning his or her course of fire. The course of fire is the same regardless of age, gender or pistol used. The member can use any non-scoped handgun to complete the course of fire. The member will complete the course of fire within a standard time limit.       

Stoppages and Malfunctions

 In the event the member has a stoppage or malfunction during the course or fire, they must clear the firearm themselves, without the assistance of any other member or RSO. Extra time will not be given to any member to complete the course of fire, regardless of stoppage or malfunction. If a member can not safely clear out their own stoppage or malfunction, they may ask the RSO for assistance. If an RSO is required, the attempt is then forfeit. Exception: If the member’s target does not have any projectile stikes on it, they may make another attempt without purchasing another target.  


Scoring will be conducted by the RSO upon completion of the members’ time limit. If the firing line is completely full and the RSO can not score the target, the member can have a staff member score the target within the retail counter. Each projectile strike on the target will have a point value assigned based on the ring’s value. If a projectile hits the line of two-point values, it is assigned the higher of the two. Each score that makes the cut off will be placed on Ricochet Range’s Top Shots Web Page when possible. Score posting is based on highest score-># of X’s->date latest achieved->largest caliber.


 The scoring RSO or staff member has final say as to the points given. Ricochet Range Top Shots is an honor-based system. Anyone suspected of cheating will not have their score recorded on-line.

End of the Month

At the end of each month, the top of each category will receive the Coveted Ricochet Range Dog Tag and be memorialized for all time.

Courses of Fire

Expert – 3 minutes – 10 shots – 60 feet – 3 x’s required – 90 points minimum score

Advanced – 5 minutes – 15 shots – 45 feet – 2 x’s required – 135 points minimum score

Novice – 5 minutes – 15 shots – 30 feet – 1 x’s required – 135 points minimum score

Two new courses coming soon

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