CWP 2.0 Class

You must already have your CWP to do this course.

This is an advanced class. The cost $45 ($47.50 if paying online).

Do you want to take your CWP training to the next level? The Enhanced Retention and Holster course includes immediate and remediate action drills, double tap drills, and drawing from the holster drills while on the range.
In this class we will cover drawing from the holster, retention, complete concealment and close quarter engagement strategies.
You must have 2 magazines for your firearm, a concealable holster, vest or light jacket with an open front, 100 rounds of ammunition, and close toed shoes.

Class Covers
  • More drawing from the holster
  • Holster Retention
  • Close Quarter Engagement
  • Shoot/No Shoot Drills
  • Double Tap Drills
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Ball and Dummy Drills
  • Low Light Visibility Drills