FFL Transfers

Before You Purchase:

Prior to purchasing a firearm at a website, please be sure to use “Ricochet Range, LLC” as the FFL dealer. If the location you are buying it from has an FFL dealer look up function on their website, you can use the zip code “29150” and scroll down until you see our name. If you are not a South Carolina Resident, we are not authorized to transfer the firearm to you.

After You Purchase

After you purchase your firearm, please send us a message using the form below. During transit, we do not track your item nor are we responsible for any item that is lost or damaged during shipment.

When Your Firearm Arrives

When your firearm arrives at our store, please do not immediately come to the store to pick it up. Inputting the item takes some time and we will call you when it is ready for pick up. When we call, please come to the store within one week of the arrival date. Please bring your drivers license/ID with you when you come to fill out the ATF 4473 form.

FFL Transfer Cost

Ricochet Range charges $35 for FFL transfers for each firearm unless you are steel member.

If You Fail to Pick Up Your Firearm

If you fail to pick up your firearm within one week after being notified by our staff to come to fill out the AFT form, we WILL send it back and you WILL be billed for postage plus a $5 handling fee for firearm storage (this does not apply to an ATF NICS delay). If you are required to have an ATF NICS check and you are denied, your firearm will be sent back to the store in which it came and you will be billed the postage plus a $5 handling fee for firearm storage.