The Range

The Range is OPEN!

About The Range

The firing range consists of 10 lanes with a max distance of 75 feet. The entire range is indoors, climate-controlled, and features an OSHA compliant ventilation system that is unmatched.


  • “No More” waiting for the range to “Go Cold” to change or move your target 
  • “No More” bringing your target back every few shots, just to see how well you are doing or to make sight adjustments
  • “No More” sweating!
  • “No More” freezing!
  • “No More” fixing blown down targets from the wind 

Each lane consists of bullet-proof blast shields on both sides of the shooting stall and the world’s most advanced target retrieval system from Action Target.

The Genisis Retrieval System incorporates a camera system physically mounted to the retrieval unit, allowing the member to see where they hit in real-time.  Spend less time brining your target back and more time practicing. 

Other capabilities include law enforcement Shoot/No shoot situations, using a Dynamic 360º turning target, pre-programmed drills, and games that challenge any level of shooter. Open to all members!

Q: What is the max caliber that can be fired on the range

A: The backstop can withstand rounds up to 3,300 fps or 3600 ft/lbs. Rounds are subject to inspection.

Q: Can I fire steel core rounds

A: Due to the capabilities of those rounds, we do not allow them at all. No steel cased rounds either.  Since we can not verify there Is no steel in the projectiles, steel cases are not allowed.

Q: Can I use class 3 items on the range

A: we will allow suppressors as long as you have proper documentation. We currently do not allow fully automatic firearms (to include bump stock, binary triggers, and burst fiRe)

Range Rules

  • Members must have a current and signed liability waiver on file before using the range.
  • Loaded firearms are not allowed on Ricochet Range property other than on the Firing Line.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs (including prescription and over-the-counter medications) before or during live fire activities is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Phones will be placed on SILENT and NO-SELFIES
  • Individuals ages 12 to 17 will be permitted to use the range only if accompanied with a parent or legal guardian, 21 or older.
  • At no time will firearms, regardless of whether or not they are loaded, be pointed at or in the direction of any person.
  • All shooters and spectators on the firing lanes must wear ear and eye protection.
  • Non-Factory reloaded Rounds are prohibited. No-reloaded rounds!!!
  • Members will keep their fingers off the triggers and outside the trigger guard until the firearm is pointed safely down range.
  • No steel cased rounds.  Since we can not verify there are no steel in the projectiles, steel cases are not allowed.
  • All firearms will be treated as if they are loaded at all times.
  • Firearms must be pointed down range with barrel horizontal at all times.
  • NO SHOOTING ACROSS LANES! Firearms will only be fired into the assigned lane.
  • Everyone is required to adhere to the written Range Safety regulations.
  • Ricochet Range members must check in at the counter prior to using the range.
  • Only paper targets are to be used. Personal targets may be used if they meet the requirements of Ricochet Range.
  • Only one large shooter’s target is allowed per frame, unless approved by the RSO.
  • Accidental Discharge of a firearm may result in temporary or suspension of the shooters ability to enter the range for one month. Depending on the severity of the situation; it is within the rights of Ricochet Range, to revoke the membership of the responsible person without refund.
  • If there is a misfire, be sure to keep the muzzle pointed down range on target for at least 45 seconds, in case it is a hang fire.
  • All shooting will be done from the firing line.
  • All rounds must impact the target, and bullet trap. Shooters that fail to control fires that strike range equipment resulting in damage will be asked to leave the range and pay for damages.
  • Unless you are keeping your own brass, leave all brass on the ground.  Do not pick up any item that has fallen forward of the firing line.
  • All targets are to be removed from the target holders and disposed of when finished shooting.
  • ALL firearms be in a closed container when moving to and from the firing points
  • When a “Cease Fire” is called by ANYONE, stop all shooting and wait for instruction from the RSO.
  • Eating, drinking, or the use of tobacco products is prohibited in the range.
  • Must wear closed toed shoes while in the firing range.

IN ALL CASES THE RSO’S DECISIONS ARE FINAL AND BINDING. HIS/HER DECISIONS ARE BASED ON THE CURRENT SITUATION AS IT EXISTS, AND HIS/HER JUDGEMENT DICTATES. THE RSO’S DECISIONS MAY SUPERSEDE THE GENERAL PRINTED RULES OR SOP. NOTE: The RSO on duty is tasked with the authority to require anyone shooting on the range be given additional training before being allowed to shoot on the range again and revoking their range use.