Ricochet Range is proud to offer gunsmithing repair services for Sumter County and the surrounding area. Gunsmithing services include: sight replacements, malfunction diagnostics, firearm upgrades, scope mounting and more! Our gunsmith has over two decades of experience in both the military and civilian market. Though we are a shop with loads of experience, Ricochet Range does not perform services that include: drilling, milling, and coating

What are the costs for gunsmithing work?

Basic Firearm Cleaning: $45 per firearm

Extensive Firearm Cleaning: Cost based on work to be completed

Repairs/Upgrades: $50 per hour of work (1/2 hour minimum)

How do I drop off my firearm for repair?
  • Firearms can be dropped off during normal business hours Thursday – Sunday
  • All firearms WILL NOT have any ammunition in them
  • All Firearms WILL be brought into the store in a closed container (box, bag, or case)
  • Any item that is NOT required for the repair CAN NOT be left with the firearm. This includes but is not limited to: magazines, slings, lights, and cases
What Do I Need To Bring
  • Anyone dropping off an item must have their valid state issued ID
  • Any firearm that needs to be zeroed will also require 20 rounds of range useable ammo to be supplied or purchased since we do a live fire zeroing
  • Any firearm that is being picked up will have to be picked up by the same individual that dropped it off…Period
  • All firearms being picked up need to have a claim ticket