CWP Class

This is a regular CWP class. Regular CWP Class is $75 ($77.50 if paying online).

To Carry Concealed you must be 21 years old.

*Before signing up, Know that you will need to have a basic understanding of your firearm and will need know how to operate your firearm before coming to class*

**If you are more than 10 minutes late you WILL be Rescheduled**

If you are only required to perform the law-only, you will be refunded $10 when you show up for the class unless you wish to do the course of fire. Please note that there is a $30 non-refundable deposit fee for each spot reserved built into this cost. If you should cancel your spot, you will be refunded your class fee minus your deposit. If you cancel your slot within 3 days prior to the class start without a valid reason or are a no show for the course, you will not be refunded any part of the fees paid (if you are using your free class as a steel member you lose your free class itself).

Please see the list of requirements below:
1. Serviceable handgun. If your firearm is deemed to be unsafe to fire, you will be required to use one of our firearms (if you need to rent one of our firearms, you must contact us prior to the class start. This includes single action revolvers and any firearm that has been illegally modified).
2. Side-Hip held holster that fits your firearms (no shoulder, ankle, belly band, or back drawn holsters). If your holster is deemed unsafe to use, you must use a rental holster or you will not complete the course of fire.
3. 25 rounds will be needed for course of fire. (Must not be steel case, steel core, or reloaded rounds)
4. Closed toed shoes and no low cut shirts.

Note: Please do not print out any paperwork prior to class. We will provide all documents needed for submission with our information pre-printed.

Class Covers
  • Safe Use and Handling
  • Permits
  • Sign Requirements
  • Off Limit Locations
  • Protection of Person and Property
  • Self Defense and Defense of Others
  • SLED Qualification
  • Proper Storage Practices