SPECIAL Class For The Month Is Shotgun Basics!

Every month, on the last Sunday of the month, we offer a special class. This month we will have our Shotgun Basics Class.

Come learn the basics of your shotgun! 
This is a three hour course. We will be highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the most common shells used for home defense, target, and hunting in the USA.

Click here at https://ricochetrange.com/home-defense-shotgun/ and sign up today!

CWP Law Changes

Open Carry With Training Act

On 17 May 2021 the South Carolina Governor has signed H3094 named “OPEN CARRY WITH TRAINING ACT”. Though this change removes the restriction of the use of open carrying a holstered firearm, the legislation body has a caveat. You may only carry an openly holstered firearm provided you have either a South Carolina CWP or a resident CWP with a state that has reciprocity.

If you have taken the class before 15 August 2021 but have not yet submitted:

If you have an instructor/student checklist dated “09-28-17” at the bottom of the form, you must submit your documentation on or before 14 August 2021.

If you have instructor/student checklist dated “5/25/2021” at the bottom of the form, you can either submit or before 14 August 2021and pay the $50 application fee (if required), or you will be required by SLED to take an updated class and complete the course of fire again to meet the updated training requirements .

If you have taken the class on or after 15 August 2021:

You must have an instructor/student checklist dated “5/25/2021” and will not be required to pay an application fee.


Changes to SC Laws as they pertain to individuals carrying:

  • Provided you have a valid SC CWP or a resident CWP with a reciprocal state, you may either open carry or conceal carry.
  • Legally posted signs stating you may not conceal carry, also applies to open carry.
  • CWP training will also include the requirement of Securing your firearm in your holster, carrying a firearm “cocked and locked”(their words, not ours), responding to someone who attempts to take your holstered firearm, and deescalation techniques (which Ricochet Range already teaches).
  • During a rally, protest, fair, parade, festival, or organized event, the person or entity hosting the event must post signs allowing or prohibiting open carry. A law enforcement agency may not confiscate a firearm or ammunition during these events unless a lawful arrest is warranted.
  • The Attorney General and assistant attorneys no longer require a CWP to carry concealed
  • No longer a fee for processing the application from SLED (currently $50)

Please note, as the CWP holder, it is your responsibility to be current with the laws. Although we have provided you the above overview, please click the button below to read the full text.

CWP 2.0

You must already have your CWP to do this course.

This is an advanced class. The cost $45 ($47.50 if paying online).

Do you want to take your CWP training to the next level? The Enhanced Retention and Holster course includes immediate and remediate action drills, double tap drills, and drawing from the holster drills while on the range.
In this class we will cover drawing from the holster, retention, complete concealment and close quarter engagement strategies.
You must have 2 magazines for your firearm, a concealable holster, vest or light jacket with an open front, 100 rounds of ammunition, and close toed shoes.

Class Covers
  • More drawing from the holster
  • Holster Retention
  • Close Quarter Engagement
  • Shoot/No Shoot Drills
  • Double Tap Drills
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Ball and Dummy Drills
  • Low Light Visibility Drills

One Year Later

365 days ago we started putting the finishing touches on what you see today. Though we did a lot of work ourselves, we cannot forget all the hard work from those who hammered, drilled, poured, and wielded. Please take a few minutes and see all the companies and contractors that made our range great.

Kirk Commercial
Action Target
Square It Up Roofing
Elvira Steel
Palmetto Air And Chiller
Heins Electric
Miller And Sons Plumbing
Glassco Drywall
Heritage Roofing
Chapin Concrete
Hazen Masonry
Smith and Sons Painters
Lawn Solutions

Why We Check Ammo

Members of Ricochet Range, we have had a lot of people coming through the range who have been bringing in steel core rounds. Since we have a standard way of conducting these checks using a strong magnet, many new customers have been placing these damaging rounds under non-steel component rounds in pre-filled magazines to bypass these checks. Because of this, please understand we are having everyone empty their pre-filled magazines from this point forward to conduct an accurate check.

Why we do not allow steel core rounds: Steel core rifle rounds travel with enough energy to go through the backstop. Regardless, if you are firing handgun, rifle, or shotgun rounds with steel components it can cause sparks downrange. Since unburnt gunpowder settles on the concrete floor and sparks cause fire, steel component rounds are not and will not be allowed on the range (regardless of your intent to not fire them, we will ask you to remove them from the range completely)

Q: I have steel cased rounds but the projectiles do not contain steel. Can I use them?

A: No you cannot. Two reasons, if we cannot check the projectile, we do not allow the round. Secondly, if a steel case is down range, it has a chance of being hit and thus causing a spark.

What will happen to those who are caught with steel or any non approved rounds?

  1. You will be removed from the range.
  2. You forfeit your right to a refund for any fees paid and are responsible for any fees due up to that point.
  3. If it has caused any damage to our equipment or building, you will be held financially liable.
  4. St. Peter will be forwarded an email and you might be denied gate access…….

JM4 Tactical Holsters

Jm4 Tactical Holsters are now at Ricochet Range! These are magnetic leather holsters that are super convenient and very versatile all while made in the USA. No belt? No problem! These holsters can fit any style pants. Come to the range and see the amazing colors in person and what these holsters can do.

Navigating the CWP

SC Concealed Weapon Permit and What You Need to Know

So you are thinking the time is now but the South Carolina permit application process seems complicated. Take a breath and relax… it’s not. Let’s start with the basics.

Basic Requirements:

  • Must be 21 at the time of submission of your application.
  • Must legally be ALLOWED to own a firearm (you do not actually need to own one though. We can help with that).
  • Must have successfully completed the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Course by a SLED certified instructor (not the online scams you see popping up on Facebook).
  • If required, successfully complete the SLED course of fire in the presence of a SLED certified instructor.
  • Submit all required items to SLED (your instructor will go over this with you during your class).
  • Must be a South Carolina Resident, certified non-resident (own property), or military member on PCS orders.

Steps for getting your permit:

Sign up for a class:

Find an instructor in your area. Each instructor brings their unique teaching style to the table. Not all instructors are created equal. Do your research and do not pick one to teach you just because they are cheap. Find a reputable instructor based on the quality of their instruction and ability to articulate the law so you have a clear understanding of it.  After all, if you are forced to use deadly force, it is YOU that must explain your actions to the law enforcement officer, not the instructor who signed your paperwork.

Firearm selection for class:

Find, borrow, or rent a firearm that is easy to use for the course of fire.  The firearm you use for the course does not have to be the one you carry after you receive your permit. If you use a 22LR for the class, you can still carry your favorite 45 long colt.  The course consists of 50 rounds and DOES require you to draw from a holster. It is highly advisable that you practice with the firearm or one similar to it prior to your class start.  Many instructors will not go over pistol basics prior to completing the course of fire, but the good ones will.

It is also worth mentioning that if an instructor is stripped of their credentials because they are not conducting the course correctly, all of their students could have their permits revoked. Do not take your course from those who will just sign your documents and take your money. Under the law, you could also be held responsible, charged with a crime, and fined.

Fingerprints and Documents:

It is advisable that you DO NOT get your fingerprints rolled by your instructor. Ricochet Range instructors highly advise you get your fingerprints digitally rolled through IDENTOGO after completing your course.  This will ensure there are no issues with your prints because they either got lost or smudged in the mail. Upon completion of your course, you will be given signed documents by your instructor. DO NOT LOSE THEM.

Submitting Your Documents

NOT RECOMMENDED METHOD – If submitting your documents by mail, you will need the following:

  • Completed application (signed by you and your instructor)
  • Instructor/Student Checklist (signed by your instructor)
  • Front and back color copy of your state issued ID or Drivers License 
  • $50 money order (purchased at Walmart of and banking institution) (not required if you are a disabled veteran)
  • Two, good quality, complete sets of fingerprints (if they are badly rolled or smudged, it will delay your application process)

RECOMMENDED METHOD – Submitting your required documents though IDENTOGO. You will make this appointment after completing your class. You will pay for the State required $50 application fee through a secure online portal while making your appointment. This ensures the fee is not lost in the mail and is one less thing to worry about. Once at your appointment, the technician will scan your documents given to you by your instructor and digitally roll your fingerprints as required by law to process your application. Prior to arriving at your appointment, ensure you have the following:

  • Completed application (signed by you and your instructor)
  • Instructor/Student Checklist (signed by your instructor)
  • Your state issued ID or Drivers License 

After submitting your documents, whether it be digitally or snail mail, SLED has up to 90 business days to process your application and send you back either a determination letter or your permit itself.

Final Thoughts

Ricochet Range in Sumter is here to help. If at any point you feel you need further help whether you were one of our students or not, we will answer any questions you may have.

Front Sight, Front Sight, Front Sight

Want to up your skills at home or when on the road, we have just what you need for dry fire training. Ricochet Range is now stocking the Mantis X systems in our store. Attach this little guy to any firearm or bow and take your fundamentals to the next level. This thing is like a range buddy that is brutally honest about your shooting.


Take A Class!

Ricochet Range is offering three CWP classes a week! With the capabilities to instruct and qualify on site, we have started to open more classes each month. Please click the link below to go to the scheduling portion of our site.

Not Just A Range

We have a fully stocked retail space with new product everyday. Cant find something you want, ask us to special order for you. You won’t even pay for shipping.

Dene Adams

Dene Adams holsters are some of the greatest concealed options for women of all sizes.

Nova Concealment

Carolina made product, Nova holsters are on our shelves.

Everyone Needs Lead Therapy

When was the last time you came to a range when you did not have to wear a rain jacket, freeze during the winter, or sweet in the summer? Come on down to Ricochet Range and see what you have been missing.

Shooting skills are perishable. The less you train, the more you forget. Please see a simple list of skills below to remember.


Good stance leads to more stability and better mobility. Ancient Egyptians had it right, you start with a good platform and build from there.


Hold the handgun high up on the grip so that the recoil is directed back to the hand and arm in a straight line. This allows faster repeat shots and more accurate shooting. Keep both thumbs on the same side.

Sight Alignment

Sight alignment is the alignment of the shooters eye, rear sight, and front sight.

Sight Picture

Center the front sight between the rear site and align the tops to be in align with each other. Finally, focus on the front sight so the rear sight and target appear blurry.

Finger Placement

The trigger finger should be placed on the trigger in-between the tip of the finger and the first bend.
Place the finger on the lowest point of the trigger to allow for the maximum pull with the least resistance.


Should be a controlled squeeze to the rear without disturbing the sight alignment/picture.