Why We Check Ammo

Members of Ricochet Range, we have had a lot of people coming through the range who have been bringing in steel core rounds. Since we have a standard way of conducting these checks using a strong magnet, many new customers have been placing these damaging rounds under non-steel component rounds in pre-filled magazines to bypass these checks. Because of this, please understand we are having everyone empty their pre-filled magazines from this point forward to conduct an accurate check.

Why we do not allow steel core rounds: Steel core rifle rounds travel with enough energy to go through the backstop. Regardless, if you are firing handgun, rifle, or shotgun rounds with steel components it can cause sparks downrange. Since unburnt gunpowder settles on the concrete floor and sparks cause fire, steel component rounds are not and will not be allowed on the range (regardless of your intent to not fire them, we will ask you to remove them from the range completely)

Q: I have steel cased rounds but the projectiles do not contain steel. Can I use them?

A: No you cannot. Two reasons, if we cannot check the projectile, we do not allow the round. Secondly, if a steel case is down range, it has a chance of being hit and thus causing a spark.

What will happen to those who are caught with steel or any non approved rounds?

  1. You will be removed from the range.
  2. You forfeit your right to a refund for any fees paid and are responsible for any fees due up to that point.
  3. If it has caused any damage to our equipment or building, you will be held financially liable.
  4. St. Peter will be forwarded an email and you might be denied gate access…….

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