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Don’t Worry Ladies

Ladies Night will continue and is moving to Wednesdays! On Wednesday Night Ladies are always $5 from 4pm – 8pm. Every Wednesday come spend your evenings with us and receive a free target!   *Last Call for range is 8pm*Must have closed toe shoes*Rental firearms are available for an… Continue Reading “Don’t Worry Ladies”

Hunting Licenses

Ricochet Range is proud to now offer SCDNR Fishing and Hunting Licenses. Step One: If born after June 30, 1979, go to and complete your hunter’s education course. SCDNR accepts hunter education certifications issued by other states in the United States and Canadian… Continue Reading “Hunting Licenses”

Navigating the CWP


Open Vs Concealed Carry

With South Carolina now an Open Carry state, a lot of people ask, whether they should or not. Within this article, we will cover five key topics that normally come up in our conversations. Readiness, tactical advantage, comfort, security, and the public eye (Public… Continue Reading “Open Vs Concealed Carry”

Why We Check Ammo

Why We Check

JM4 Tactical Holsters

Quick, Click, & Carry Magnetic Retention Holster

Front Sight, Front Sight, Front Sight

Dry Fire Trainer

Not Just A Range

We have a fully stocked retail space with new product everyday. Cant find something you want, ask us to special order for you. You won’t even pay for shipping.

Everyone Needs Lead Therapy

When was the last time you trained?